Bradley Cochran at T h e o • p h i l o g u e, a venue for open theological and philosophical dialogue, writes about Your Church is Too Small and John H. Armstrong. Gregory Soderberg of The Reformed Liturgical Institute promotes worship which is biblical, God-Centered, historically informed, and strives for serious and vigorous participation from the people of God.  He writes both here and here on Your Church is Too Small. Michael Craven of the Center for Christ & Culture works to see the American Church recapture its relevance in culture for the purposes of drawing men and women to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here he writes his thoughts on Your Church is Too Small by John Armstrong.
Scot McKnight, from his blog, Jesus Creed, " a widely-recognized authority on the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus. He is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University (Chicago, Illinois)."  He has both a short review here and a longer review here. Our friend, John Paul Todd had a blog "dedicated to unity because it has everything to do with the mission of God for the whole world, and his beloved Son as the one who has the responsibility to bring all things under the rule of his Father."  Here he writes his thoughts on John's work and Your Church is Too Small. Continuing the legacy of Michael Spencer, our friends at iMonk wrote an extensive three part review of John's work.  Read Part 1, then Part 2, and finally Part 3.  Be sure to add your thoughts.
Sam and Ashley are newly married and settling down in Long Island.  In the midst of all the weeding planning, they still took time out to read and write about Your Church is Too Small, here.  We love these newlyweds. I am a PhD student in biblical theology Alan's interests include web develpment and ecclesiology. His dissertation topic is the purpose of the gathering of the church in the New Testament. Here he writes about John's book and missional-ecumenism. Joe Heschmeyer, a law student at Georgetown University Law Center lives in Alexandria, Virginia.  He is a young, but well read apologist for the Catholic Church, and here he writes at length of Your Church is Too Small.

LukeFourteenThirtyThree is a call to authentic, Christ centered, Christ exalting, Christ glorifying life, theology and ministry. Reformed in theology and understanding of scripture, but not exclusively, it has a mixture of articles, sermons, bible studies as well as a daily blog.

From the Chuck Coloson Center on Christian Worldview comes this blog review by Michael Philliber.  Check out our About page and read the endorsement from Chuck himself.

For more blog reviews, check back here as we periodically update this list.

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