It was an exceptional time, both at the March ACT3 Luncheon when the book was introduced and later at the March 22nd Wheaton College panel discussion and book signing.  The luncheon fell on St. Patrick's Day and our hosts served the most wonderful corned beef & cabbage.  At the Wheaton College event, dozens of people got their first copies of the book signed by John, and many had their questions on missional-ecumenism answered by our panel.  Dr. Armstrong's granddaughter, Abbie, was very proud of her grandfather's book which he had dedicated to her.

At the panel discussion on missional-ecumenism, Antiochian Orthodox priest Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth spoke compellingly on the need for strong ecclesiology within the missional context.  His was the quote of the night sparking later discussion on his meaning of "ecclesial divorce."  More revealing discussion was had by all when, as everyone knew it would, the question was asked of how each faith tradition defines What is The Gospel?  Fr. Ellsworth again led the charge anwsering that query to which our Roman Catholic panelist Fr. David Turner and our evangelical ordained protestant theologian Dr. George Kalantzis both agreed.  The forum wrapped up with moving prayer that the world may know Christ through the unity and love His followers express with one another.

Shortly, we will post here more answers to questions asked but not addressed at the forum.  We are grateful to all that attended and look forward to future opportunities to share the message of missional-ecumenism with all who wish to advance God's Kingdom.


Click here for video from the book launch